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Date Time staff Trans Schedule
13-Mar NH0173 Sat, 3/12 UA1898L BOSTON 5:10 AM HOUSTON 8:32 AM baggage fee 1 for $25 2 for $ 35
(SUN) 15:00
15:15 NH 0173 Houston 10:15 am NRT Tokyo 3:15pm (Sun 3/13)
16:10 / 16 : 40 Limousin Bus (2H)
17 : 35 / 18 : 05 Arrive at Hotel
by 7:30pm go to transportation company located at 2F of the hotel: Kuroneko Yamato
Send to Hotel Keihan Kyoto 601-8003 Kyoto, Kyoto, Minami-ku Higashikujyo Nishi-Sanno 31 by 3/15
14-Mar Breakfast at hotel
7:40 From hotel to Shinagawa station
7:50 Arrival at Shinagawa station. We will meet a man from Ise ( He will be work for Expedia from April)
(MON) Bullet train the shorter (vertical/ horizontal) length of luggage should be less than 17.7 inch (45cm), ideally less than 15 inch (40cm)
8:10 Nozomi 15 *Bring with you enough belongings for one night
8:17 Nozomi 15 From Shinagawa to Nagoya (Tokyo 8:10)
9:49 Nagoya
10:10 Kintetsu From Nagoya to Tsu (50 min)
10:59 Arrival at Tsu station (Kintetsu)
on foot To Mie Prefectural Government (10-15 min)
11:25 Arrival at Mie Prefectural Government (15-20 min prior to the meeting)
11:45~12:00 Meeting with Suzuki governor
12:15 Kintetsu Deperture from Tsu station
12:40 Tsu (express)
13:10 Arrival at Ise-city station
13:00~13:15 on foot Check your luggage at a cloakroom in Ise-city station * JPY 500 /per bag (regarldess of the size)
13:45~14:15 Lunch: restaurant near the ISE Grand Shrine
14:15~16:00 Visit Ise Shirine (the Inner Shrine) with English Speaking Guide
16:00~17:00 Sightseeing
17:15 City bus (15 min) From the Inner Shrine of Ise to Ise-city station
17:30 Arrivl at Ise-city station
* Retrive your luggage at the station
18:00 Kintestu From Ise-city station to Toba station
18:11 Arrival at Toba station
18:30 on foot From the station to Sada Port
18:45 Ocean iner From Toba Port (20 min)
19:02 Arrival at Toushi island
Pick-up bus To hotel
Dinner at hotel
15-Mar Breakfast at hotel
(TUE) 8:00 Bus From hotel to Wagu port
8:35 Ocean iner From Wagu port to Sada port
9:30 Bus From Toba to Kyoto
Arrival at Kyoto (Fusimi-Inari, then Hotel Keihan)
12:00 Free time in Kyoto (we don’t have any reservation for lunch or dinner)
Check in
15:00〜 * Retrieve your big luggage at the hotel
Those willing to go to KInkaku-ji, make sure to go at this time as it would be the only chance to go.
To Kinkaku-Ji Taxi/ bus
16-Mar Breakfast at hotel. Students@Kyoto University School of Public Health (KUSPH) will be your guide all day.
(WED) 9:30 Metro train Leave Hotel and go to Seifu-so with KUSPH students
10:00-11:00 Tour of Seifu-so
Divided into 2 groups
Group 1
11:00-11:30 Taxi or bus Group: Kiyomizu-dera
11:30-12:30 Sightseeing with KUSPH students
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Group1: Okabe-ya
13:30-15:30 Continue sightseeing
15:30 Taxi or bus Go to Kyoto University
16:00-18:00 Session with KUSPH students
19:00-21:00 Welcome reception @ Kyoto University
21:30 Taxi or bus To hotel
17-Mar Breakfast at hotel
(THU) 10:00 on Foot Arrive Kyoto Station BUY Lunch at the Station
10:18 Nozomi 8 Leave Kyoto St. to Tokyo station by Shinkansen(2hr15min)
12:33 Arrive at Tokyo station
12:33 Luggage -> Sagawa Express 手ぶら観光
13:00 Bus Leave Tokyo St. to each hospital
Group 1 with Tetz (commuter)
13:30 Arrive at the University of Tokyo Hospital
14:15 Leave (45min)
15:00 Arrive Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital
15:45 Leave Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital(45min)
16:30 Arrive Tokyo Metropolitan Rehabilitation Hosp
Group 2 with Tad
13:45 Arrive Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital
14:30 Leave (45min)
15:15 Arrive the University of Tokyo Hospital (45min)
16:00 Leave (45min)
16:40 Arrive Tokyo Metropolitan Rehabilitation Hosp
17:30 Free time
* Retrieve your big luggage at the hotel
18-Mar Breakfast at hotel (Best hotel breakfast in Tokyo)
(FRI) AM (See sheet 2) Visiting clinics
13:00 – 14:00 Taito Hospital 3-20-5 Senzoku,Taito,Tokyo(community hospital at Red-light area since 16th century)
15:00 – 17:00 Ministry of Health
19:00 – 21:00 Evening Reception with Prof. Ichiro Kawachi @ 6-13-11 B1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo tel: 03-3833-9321
19-Mar Free
(SAT) Highly recommend to go to Fish Market in Tsukiji
20-Mar Breakfast at hotel
(SUN) 7:30 Leave the hotel
8:24 Express train to Narita Airport
9:04 Narita Airport Terminal 1
NH0002 NRT Tokyo 11:00am Washington DC 10:30 am

Washington DC 10:30 am

UA6290B WASHINGTON, DC 12:26 PM BOSTON 2:01 PM baggage fee 1 for $25 2 for $ 35

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