Reflections on the Trip

  • A very unique country with its cultural background and society organization. I think expanding the communication by broadening and deepening English language skills on the population would enhance foreigners experience. However, hard time to avoid some cultural “dilution” of Japanese values with that (it could be the 21st century Meiji restoration).
  • Very appreciative of the effort that the organizers put in to manage the group
    Amazing. I never imagined I could see so much of the country in just a week and meet so many wonderful people.
  • Extremely well organized. Cannot fault the organizers on anything (without being unreasonable). Very helpful, kind, pleasant and understanding. Good ambassadors of Japan. Could not have asked for more
  • Wonderful
  • Amazing! Tetz, Hayami, Goto were wonderful! Thanks so much for being such amazing leaders.
  • All officers were great at coordinating daily activities
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Tetz, Hayami, Goto, Yuta and the other organizers (from HSPH and from Japan) made this trip so fun!!
  • Excellent trip
  • Amazing trip and people. A great experience that I will never forget. Thank you!!!


  • Can’t be better. Very dedicated and diplomatic officers.
  • The officers were great and very professional. The Japan Trip was a valuable experience.

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