Day 6 Tokyo



  • Very unique experience of entering common people’s house. Also interesting to realize all the solidarity embodied by the nurse’s health care.
  • I got a chance to visit the Senso-ji Shrine and the Tokyo National Museum, as well as the Imperial Palace Gardens and the National Museum of Modern Art. All of these sites were phenomenal. I did not visit a clinic in Tokyo. I thought the visit to the Ministry of Health was very important to better understanding the bureaucracy in Japan and the government’s goals and vision for better healthcare.
    Very helpful visit in terms of understanding contemporary responses to the aging problem and the delivery of health services. Informative and useful presentations at the MOH and always a priveledge to visit the MOH.
  • The home visits were my favorite part of the trip! Great insight.
  • Spending the morning with the ladies at the pharmacy was a lot of fun. They showed us what the Japanese pharmacy system is like and then they take us around the area and showed us the temples and secret spots of the area. It was a lot of fun!
  • Another trip favorite! I loved, loved, loved the team I joined in the morning. The ministerial lectures were good. I particularly appreciated hearing from other people’s input.
  • Amazing lecture from assistant minister of health about health system, pharma companies and outcomes in Japan policies.
  • The visiting clinics and the Ministry of Health were one of the most value components of the trip. It was great to see first hand Japan’s infrastructure to providing care to the elderly and hear from MOH regarding its initiatives to address the aging population issues.

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