Day 4 Kyoto University

  • The private garden was a special place, the visit unveiled a distinctive garden from all others. Good to chat with some Japanese in English, communication is hard in the country and undermine the experience.
  • Garden was very cool
  • Visiting Kiyomizu-dera Temple was definitely the highlight of our visit to Kyoto. I really appreciated being able to speak about the US healthcare system/medical education structure with medical students at Kyoto University. Their questions were thoughtful and they were definitely very interested in our conversations.
  • Very busy day! Wonderful day – from the garden and visit to the temple. An absolute treat. The only down side was that we were tired by the time we arrived at the university. Perhaps this could be done earlier. Evening dinner was a good ending to the day – good food and great opportunity to meet colleagues at Kyoto university.
    Kyoto University session should have been in the morning, we were too exhausted by evening
  • I think it would have been best to have the session with Kyoto University in the morning, then sightseeing later on. We were a bit tired for the most important part of the day.
  • Kyodai was wonderful! I truly appreciated the honor to view the private garden and being able to get tours/lunch with students. The evening sessions (including receptions) were amazing! One of my favorite moments of the trip.
  • Fantastic session with Kyoto University. Thanks for the opportunity to integrate with local public health students.

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