Day 3 Toshi-jima / Kyoto

  • Good to make an above ground transport and enjoy the landscape.
  • The breakfast (and view!) were wonderful! The bus to Kyoto was clean and easy. I really appreciate the opportunity to see Fushimi-Inari Shrine. I went independently to Kinkaku-ji and to Gion to see a tea ceremony and do some shopping.
  • Enjoyable bus ride – learning and interaction with other members of the group good bonding time. Also traveling by road allows one to appreciate areas would not ordinarily get a chance to see. Kyoto sightseeing – went to Gion.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed
  • This was a nice mid-trip break. I loved the traditional breakfast at the Toshi ryokan.
  • These people showed great hospitality.
  • The food and the view at Toshi island were great! It was worth the trip.
  • This was a great day of activities.

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