Day 2 Ise


  • I really think Toshi island was the most enjoyable place due to the impression of authenticity, besides the beauty of the place. The onsen was really something special.
  • Might have been better to do something in Tokyo first day, to adjust for jet-lag
    This was a wonderful trip. I thought Toshi Island was absolutely beautiful and the hot baths were a welcome and refreshing opportunity to relax on a hectic and packed trip. Ise Shrine was a gorgeous place and the town of Ise was a shopping delight. I thought the meeting with the governor was nifty, but probably did not add much to our understanding of government policy and the government structure (federal vs prefectures) in Japan.
  • Wonderful day and much to learn. From the bullet train showcasing Japanese engineering prowess and modern infrastructural sophistication to the pictureque Toshi island. The evening dinner was delightful and a novel experience.
  • Hot springs high light of the day.
  • Excellent plan, although hectic because of the cold and traveling all day
  • Ise shrine and Toshi island were excellent despite the weather!
  • This was one of my favorite days. The bullet train experience was incomparable and seeing my first shrine (Ise Shrine) was a great experience. This wonderful day was then followed by the experience we had at Toshi Island, which again was amazing.
  • Meeting with the governor would have been better if it had been a bit longer, but I am still glad we did it! I liked his answers and persona. He was a great introduction to Japanese policy makers. The dinner at the Toshi island ryokan was exquisite. I particularly loved the onsen experience.
  • Wonderful immersion in Japanese culture in Toshi island
    This was a great day of activities. Enjoyed each component. Toshi island is an experience I will never forget.

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